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For 8 months I started my day either working out with Craig or thinking of how I was going to make Craig proud with my choices. Not only did Craig push me in the gym but he mentally brought the best out of me even when I was getting a gym or cardio session in by myself. Training with Craig was more than him telling me how many reps to do of what exercise, it also kept me accountable to my dietary decisions.

Knowing how much he cares about his client’s goal and how hard he works to help you get there made me work harder for myself. He encouraged me to set my goals higher than I thought were possible and we accomplished them all. Not only did I feel like a million dollars on my wedding I have the pictures to prove I was in the best shape of my life, all thanks to Craig!!

Before: 122.4 lbs & 27.1% body fat*
After: 107 lbs & 13.6% body fat*

– Kendra

Craig is the Baby Weight Whisperer!

I was very active before my pregnancy and remained active during my pregnancy. Once the baby arrived, I was breastfeeding exclusively. Hence, I had the delusion that the baby weight would just fall off. Yeah. Not so much. I was so frustrated! A friend of mine who had trained with Craig after she had a baby recommended him. I knew her “before Craig” and “after Craig” looks, so I thought he must be good at what he does! Boy is he ever! The workouts were challenging but fun. Every session was something new. Craig was wonderful to work with and made our 30 minute sessions fly by.

After 6 weeks, he had me down to my pre-pregnancy size. Working with Craig was a fantastic experience and I hope to work with him after future babies! He truly is the baby weight gain whisperer! He makes the pudge go away. Now if I could only get the baby to sleep through the night …
– Meagen*

I am 52 years old and have been actively working out with trainers for the last seven years. I am in good shape but was never able to get the toned body that i had when younger. When I began working out with Craig about one year ago, I weighed 221 and just felt I could be doing more. One year later, I am down to 207 and feeling the best I have in years.

Craig not only does a great job with the whole body work out but pushes me beyond where I think I cant go. In addition, my diet has never been better as he holds me accountable to what I am eating and also gives guidance on what to put in my body to give me the energy to get through our workouts. My strength and cardio have never been better. Craig is a great trainer and a great motivator.
– Karl*

Thank you so much Craig, you are the best. I am a 65 year old and feel great because you know what you are doing and make me work to my fullest potential and never let me slack off.

That is why I come to you and thats’ why I am getting stronger. I am a hairdresser and my customers come in and say wow!

Sherry, what are you doing? You look great! I say only because of Craig my gym guru.
– Sherry*

Craig's Certifications:

  • NASM National Academy Of Sports Medicine (2004)
  • Nutrition For Special Populations (2/22/15)
  • Exercise Programs For Older Adults (2/21/15)
  • Exercise For Chronic Disease (2/22/15)
  • Essential Functional Exercise For Seniors (2/22/15)
  • Exercise For Chronic Disabilities: Life After Hip or Knee Replacement (2/21/15)
  • Balance and Fall Prevention (2/21/15)
  • Designing Strength Programs: Exercise the Older Shoulder (2/21/15)
  • Training The Core (5/31/15)
  • High Intensity Interval Training (6/02/15)
  • Boot Camp Gold (2/25/15)
  • Pilates/Reformer 1 (9/15/09)
  • CPR/AED (08/08/15)

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